Tetris is now available in the 3DS VC platform1

The reason why Game Boys sold like hotcakes is here again. Tetris, the installment that came free for the first Game Boy devices in 1989, is making waves once more, especially among nostalgic fans of Nintendo.

Nintendo made the best move by pairing the latest portable with Tetris since it is perfect for playing while on the move. Millions of people got addicted to this game many years ago. It was a huge success back then, similar to how Angry Birds had been a phenomenon in the recent years. Honestly, this particular installment can't compete anymore with newer versions like Tetris Party Live and Tetris DS, what with their abundance of advanced features like multiplayer options online and extra modes. As a matter of fact, a huge part of this edition's contents had been cut because re-releases of Nintendo's VC still cannot support multiplayer options. This means there is no more chance for you to play head on with your friend, which is quite disappointing since it was Tetris that originally founded the dual-player Link Cable.

Granted that there are some weak points for Tetris, it still doesn't change the fact that it's a spectacular game worth your attention and the $4 cost. The nostalgia it brings makes it a winner, hands down. That is a big factor in all re-releases of all Virtual Console titles. This one leads the group since it had been played by everyone before. Game Boy's market spanned several generations. It even surpassed the influence on pop culture of Zelda and Mario, two of its biggest competition at the time of its release. If you are still in doubt about buying this game, check the web and listen to its iconic audio score. Really, once you hear it, it will be difficult to resist the urge to play right away.

More than just the nostalgia, Tetris has some solid points. It is the blueprint for which a lot of sequels and spin-offs got their inspiration from. It also has both the endless mode and the score attack mode with 25 lines and adjustable levels of junk blocks. Now that it's presented on a new 3DS Virtual Console platform, Tetris has reaped numerous benefits. You can increase your scores by pausing the game and looking for the pieces you need in the coming blocks and use these blocks to fill out the gaps. Perhaps the best feature for this newest installment is the option to pause your game in progress.

Tetris has endured several competitions and challenges since it was first released during the 80's. It is strongly recommended for players who love uncomplicated yet affordable puzzle challenges.