Watch out for Office Warz - Infinite Interactive's new baby!

Infinite Interactive is a game developer based in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was founded in 1989 by Steve Fawkner. After a long-term business affiliation with SSG, he finally made the company autonomous in 2003. Through its independence, the series Warlords was conceived. They still produce this title these days but their current trademark product is the Puzzle Quest.

The company initially offered Puzzle Quest for Nintendo DS and PSP and later made it available to other gaming platforms. They then developed an Othello-based title in the series, which they branded Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and is a science fiction-themed game. In addition to that, Puzzle Quest 2 was developed, too. It had the main gist of Puzzle Quest while new features were added at the same time. The creation of Neopets Puzzle Adventures also made Infinite Interactive popular.

A new development is also under works. It is called "Office Warz" and is developed through a partnership with the top Australian TV game program "Good Game." The viewers provided the main idea for the game while two interns of Infinite Interactive also contributed concepts. From initial reports, Office Warz will be about working to get on top of the company by sabotaging coworkers. Based on early footages of its game play, it appears that it will have some puzzle elements, which is what Infinite Interactive is known for.