1000 Piece Poker Jigsaw Puzzle Review

If you or someone you know is a poker lover, then this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle could be a great option for something a little atypical. This puzzle features a massive scene with tons of tables going in a luxurious hall with statues and a massive painted ceiling. Because there are so many people in the picture with its slightly cartoonish style, it's a bit tricky to put together the right people with the right games. The ceiling portion of the puzzle may not be quite as challenging, but it will surely take some time since a lot of is colored in similar tones.

Putting together puzzles is something that a group of people can do together, and this helps to bring together family and friends in something poker-related without trying to beat each other out. This cooperative effort in the spirit of a great poker scene can really help you to relax between your own games and enjoy some time just enjoying yourself and your company. This puzzle measures 26.5 inches by 17.4 inches when it's finished, and that's the perfect size for it to be framed and hung on the wall in your favorite area of the house. It's a great addition to any man cave, computer room or poker hall.

A lot of people believe that putting together puzzles is just something that you do when you're bored, but they don't understand how you need downtime when you play a lot of poker. It's a very stressful game, even if you're a proven winning player, and one of the best ways to manage that stress is to take on relaxing activities that allow you to detach from all of the mental pressure that builds up from putting in time at the tables. Working on this puzzle is an excellent way to accomplish this task, and that makes it the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the game.

On top of that, you're also going to be able to work through something that will take a good bit of time and effort, and then you can remember that work by having the puzzle glued down and framed. A great idea would be to put it together with a group of friends or family -- kids are great for this -- and to then have everyone sign the finished product with a marker and a date for when the puzzle was finished before framing it. If you don't want to hang it up for yourself, then the framed and completed puzzle can be a great gift to someone else as well.

You'll be able to add a great deal of value to your own bankrolls with these offers, and this means you'll have more funds available to spend on awesome gifts like this puzzle, but you'll also have more free time to spend with putting it together with the people you care about.